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Side Tracks

Texas Pacific Train Depot - Jefferson, TX. Home of the famous R D Moses train layout
UP844 comes to Longview - stills and video.
U.P. conductor Bob Benson's woodcarvings. - discontinued - workplace environment - recognizable persons
Best Friend of Charleston - Photos by Wes Leitch
Snake strikes at Longview yardmaster. - discontinued - work place environment.
Seaboard Recollections - growing up next to the Seaboard
Texas State Railroad
Amtrak at Longview
Around the Yard - disabled - workplace environment, recognizable persons - pending new material
UP's Challenger
St Louis Museum of Transport - from early 1980s
Samuel Morse Day - at Pittsburg, Texas
The Chuck Harris Collection
Scanner Information
The Limo Driver - discontinued - work place environment
Graphics - links to RR graphics sites plus webmaster's own creations
Jefferson Steam Train
Tourist & Scenic Railways
Model Railroading

Certain pages have been disabled or discontinued until all material presented meets Union Pacific guidelines regarding photos and videos posted on social media and webpages. Specifically prohibited without UP approval are any photos or videos showing the workplace environment or displaying recognizable persons. Since the webmaster works for a contractor that serves the railroad, it will be presumed to apply to contract employees as well. On-premise photos will only be displayed of stationary rolling equipment with minimum background - in other words, railfan type photos or photos similar to what UP publishes on their calendars. Off-premise photos and videos will be from public roadways or areas with public access while off duty and as a private citizen.

Exceptions will be publicity events such as steam locomotives making public tours where it is assumed that UP encourages photos and videos.


There are probably more railroad sites on the internet than aviation sites! While it would be nice to list each and every one of them, that would be far beyond the scope of this page. What I will attempt to do is link to LISTS of links and include them with my favorite web sites listed below.

Railfan and Railroad related sites

On-Track-On-Line - Interesting rail site - railcams in Fullerton, CA, and La Plata, Missouri
North American railcams
European railcams
Other International railcams
Alaska Rails - railfan site - train links
Historic Rail - Shopping site for railfans
Moving West - The History of the Transcontinental Railroad - link suggested by David, a student of Delaware educator Deborah Ward
Transportation History of the Transcontinental Railroad - link suggested by students of Vermont educator Audrey Plasse
Railroad Parts: History for Kids - link suggested by students of Delaware educator Kimberly McKnight - from United Kingdom
BLET Div 834 - Links to over 5,000 Railroad sites
Rails - History of the New York City subway system
RailSpot - This is a fantastic railroad site, generally oriented around the Union Pacific Railroad. They have links to the UP Employees web site, several photo collections, and some excellent general information.
Cyberspace World Railroad
Herron Rail Videos
American Rail & Highway - mugs, t-shirts, hats, train art
Classic Railroad Videos
Shorpy's Page - Old railroad photos from Civil War through the 1950s - Railroad links and info - Excellent historical reference
Tap Lines - historical photos and commentary of short lines in the southern U.S.
Motor Car Operators West Online - Section cars and Handcars
North American Railcar Operators Association
Sterling Rail - Used locomotive and rail car sales
Rail Merchants - all full-size RR rolling stock
The Diesel Shop - home to 1st & 2nd generation locomotives and motive power rosters - purchase railroad type fonts
TRRA Links page
Moving West and the History of the Transcontinental Railroad
Travel Back to Railroad History

Official Sites of the Railroads

Aberdeen & Rockfish Railroad Company - Aberdeen, NC - My "hometown" railroad. This line goes east to Fayetteville and close to Fort Bragg.
Aberdeen Carolina & Western - Another hometown railroad. This one goes west.
The Union Pacific Railroad web site
Burlington Northern Santa Fe
CSX transportation
Norfolk Southern
Kansas City Southern Rail Network
Alaska Railroad
Arkansas and Missouri Railroad
Canadian National Railway System
BC Rail
VIA Rail Canada
Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Co.
Morristown & Erie Railway

Crew Transport Services

Coach America Crew Transport
Professional Transportation Incorporated (PTI)

Railcrew Express

Magazines and Periodicals

Rail magazines for train enthusiasts and industry professionals
Trains Magazine
Railfan and Railroad Magazine
Railpace Newsmagazine
Classic Trains Magazine
Classic Toy Trains Magazine
Garden Railways Magazine
Model Railroader Magazine
Cowcatcher Magazine - model railroading
Railways Illustrated - from the UK
Railway Age
The Rail Engineer
Global Rail News
Railly News

Amtrak Related Sites

Amtrak - the official Amtrak site.
Amtrak's Texas Eagle - Official Page.
List of Amtrak Sites from trainWeb

Museums and Historical Societies

For museums that have train rides, go to the section - Tourist and Scenic Railways.

City and State info indicates a physical museum you can visit.

The Atlantic Coast Line and Seaboard Airline Railroads Historical Society
Great Northern Railway Historical Society
Shore Line Interurban Historical Society
C & NW Historical Society
Northern Pacific Railway Historical Association
Railway & Locomotive Historical Society
Wabash Railroad Historical Society
The Santa Fe Railway Historical and Modeling Society
Southern Arizona Transportation Museum - Tucson, Arizona
Folsom, El Dorado and Sacramento Historical Railroad Association - Folsom, California
South Florida Railway Museum - Deerfield Beach, Florida
Folkston Funnel - Train viewing platform & transportation museum - Folkston, Georgia
Rock Island Railroad Museum - Chillicothe, Illinois
Illinois Central Historical Society - Paxton, Illinois
St Louis Museum of Transportation - St Louis, Missouri
Lake Superior Railroad Museum - Duluth, Minnesota
Cody Park Railroad Museum - North Platte, Nebraska
Sutherland Railroad Park - North Platte, Nebraska
Medina Railroad Museum - Medina, New York
Railroad Museum of Long Island - Riverhead, New York
The National Railroad Museum and Hall of Fame - Hamlet, North Carolina
Wilmington Railroad Museum - Wilmington, North Carolina
Halton County Radical Railway - Milton, Ontario, Canada
Elgin County Railway Museum - St Thomas, Ontario, Canada
Altoona Railroaders Museum - Altoona, Pennsylvania
Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania - Strasburg, Pennsylvania
Museum of the American Railroad - Dallas, Texas - to be moved to Frisco, Texas
Galveston Railroad Museum - Galveston, Texas
New Braunfels Railroad Museum - New Braunfels, Texas
Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Society - Railway Heritage Center, Clifton Forge, Virginia
Virginia Museum of Transportation - Roanoke, Virginia
The Northern Pacific Railway Museum - Toppenish, Washington
Mountain State Railroad & Logging Historical Association - Cass, West Virginia

Rail Tourism Sites

LGB Tours - USA and Europe - World Train Traveling Guide
Vacation by Rail - article from
The Man in Seat 61 - train travel tips and info
Vacations by Rail - domestic and overseas bookings
Canada Rail Tours - Canada, USA, Alaska and Europe
John Steel Rail Tours
Trains and Travel International - booking agent for organized tours
Double K Ranch - Railroad theme Bed and Breakfast - Tucson, AZ
America's Greatest Train Rides - from Parade Magazine
Key Holidays - featuring Amtrak tours

Canada Train Vacations

International Rail Travelers Top 25 Trains
Great Southern Rail - Australia's great train journeys
Savannahlander - The Outback Rail Experience - Australia
Trans-Siberian - Trans-Siberian Express
Trans-Siberian Railway and Trans-Mongolian Express - Gobi Expeditions Mongolia
Trans-Siberian by private train - Zarengold
The California Native - International Tours
Eurail - Europe Rail Travel Information and Schedules
The Best Train Trips From Around the Planet - from

Private Rail Cars

Private Rail Cars - charter operator
AAPRCO Listing of Private Rail Cars for Charter
Morristown & Erie Railway - Private Rail Cars for Charter
American Rail Excursions - private rail excursions
The private rail car "Puget Sound" for charter
Lancaster and Chester Railcar Charters
Railserve - Private Railcars - links to private railcar charters
Rail Charter - Private railcar charter tour operators
Classic Rail - Classic railcars for charter
Virginia City private railcar train tours
Rail Journeys West
Cruising by Rail
California Zephyr Railcar Charters
Railcar Montana
Rail Ventures
New York Central 3
Sierra Hotel
Chapel Hill Railcar
High Iron Travel Rail Excursions - Caritas railcar
Railroading Heritage of Midwest America
Luxury Rail Vacations - Hickory Creek railcar
The Glass Slipper - private railcar

Park Trains - Trackless Trains - Trolleys

B.A.D. Great Northern Railway - Private Park Train
Choo Choo Express Trackless Trains
Dotto Trains - trackless trains
MTC Train Owners Web Site
House of David Miniature Trains
Rhyl Miniature Railway - in the U.K.
Applewood Farm
The Toy Train Depot
Hesston Steam Museum
Edaville USA - family amusement park - Carver, Massachusetts
Trackless Trains - amusement park and mall trains
Trolley Industry Links - from Gomaco Trolley Company
Gomaco Trolley Company - Manufacturers of Authentic Trolley Cars
U.S. Streetcar Systems - by John Smatlak - RPR Consulting
Port of Los Angeles Waterfront Red Car Line - San Pedro, California

The Longview Yard is a website presented for the purpose of :

Giving an identity to Union Pacific's Longview hub,
Enhancing the viewer's understanding of railroad operations,
Identifying some of the folks who work at the Longview Yard,
Providing a showplace for railroad employees to display their photographic work,
Providing an extensive list of internet railroad links,
Providing a source of railroad computer graphics from both the internet and Radiojerry's own creations,
And trying to boost the image of the lowly and grossly underpaid limo driver.

Please check by often - we are still laying track!

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