The Longview Yard

Chuck Harris Collection - part 2 of 3

Chuck Harris arrives at the Longview Yard with part two of his photo collection.

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This selection posted January 27, 1999.

Camps, TX, in 1919. (Now part of White Oak) A westbound passenger train headed by a T&P 700-series 4-6-2 has gotten the worst out of a collision with a 500-series 2-10-2 on an eastbound freight. This was in manual block days on the T&P. The pony truck of the freight engine has wedged into those of the passenger engine giving the latter a 6-6-2 appearance. Photo collection of Chuck Harris.

A collision with a loaded 18-wheeler at the FM1845 crossing near Longview has derailed an entire train. Two SD-40s, six cars and two cabooses were strewn along the right of way. Not even the exhortations on the UP caboose, nor the "Be Cool..." billboard advertisement could avert this serious, but injury-free, 1979 accident.

March 20, 1980, about 3 miles west of Longview. The sleeper behind the baggage car is believed to be an early model ex-NYC.

T&P CTC office in Marshall, TX, in 1974. Operator is Steve Holderby. Photo by Chuck Harris.

MP GP-18 No. 401 idles in the Longview yard on Dec. 24, 1973. Note the Alco trucks which were borrowed from FA trade-ins. Photo by Chuck Harris.

Longview, about 1977. No. 21 departs Longview for Dallas. Photo by Chuck Harris.

An early Amtrak with two E-units is pictured about three miles east of Longview just before the first F-40PH's arrived. Photo by Chuck Harris.

North of Kilgore on Nov. 5, 1972, GP-18 leads a GP-9 and two F-7A's on a southbound freight. Photo by Chuck Harris.

Longview, TX, 1969. A late No. 1 waits to depart for Palestine. E-8A No. 30 (T&P 2010) heads a seven car train. Photo by Chuck Harris.

Longview telegraph office in 1970. Operator Hubert Gammons is in charge of the CTC board for Longview yard. the track layout appears much the same as it was after the 1940 realignment when the new station was built. Photo by Chuck Harris.

T&P-SSW interlocker at Big Sandy. Third trick leverman-telegrapher Jack Pearce talks on phone. Both railroads are now CTC, but movement through interlocker controlled by Big Sandy operator. Photo by A. E. Brown.

Gladewater, TX, 1968. Operator R. T. Hall hands up switch list to crew of eastbound local headed by geep 385, and an unidentified F-7A. Photo by Chuck Harris.

Longview, early 1970's. MP SD-40 lends a hand to disabled Amtrak 252 on a short No. 21. The track layout has not been changed, but the long concrete platform has been replaced by this much shorter one. Photo by Chuck Harris.

Big Sandy, TX, 1968. Eastbound passenger train No. 8 with E-7A #7 leading an unidentified E-8A. The station has only a few months to live as the manual interlocker will be replaced by an automatic, and the depot demolished shortly thereafter. Photo by Chuck Harris.

Longview in the early 1930's. GCSF ten-wheeler is on standby passenger duty in case the "doodlebug" is unable to take the morning passenger train to San Augustine. Engines of this type were used on the Port Bolivar Iron Ore railroad in the late teens and early 1920's. A. E. Brown photo.

The southbound MP "DMZ" passes Kilgore, TX, in 1970. Although CTC is now in operation, note the train order stand and light near the home signal. Photo by Chuck Harris.

Eastbound T&P No. 60 (CTS) crosses the SSW at Big Sandy in 1968. Engineer Red Finley has GP-35 636 and its three sisters wired at 50 mph. Photo by Chuck Harris.

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