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KCS photos posted February 26, 1999

Kansas City Southern's Management Special as it passes through Pittsburg, TX, on February 18, 1999.

The selection below posted February 19, 1999.

UP Passenger Extra 3985 South, one mile north of Overton, TX in August, 1995. The 4-6-6-4 is already beginning to feel the effect of the long grade. The special is on the Shreveport-Longview-Palestine leg of a Houston-bound trip. Photo by Chuck Harris.

Longview, TX, MP train No. 28 headed by E-7A No. 24 (ex-7015) and an unidentified sister are ready to depart for Marshall. The year is 1968, and the once heavy train is now down to a consist of four cars. Photo by Chuck Harris.

Near Kilgore, TX, 1997. A northbound management special glides around the curve at MP HO-15 headed by UP's now-famous E-9s. Photo by Chuck Harris.

NS 9089 and a twin C40-9W head a westbound stack train under the signal bridge east of the Longview depot in November, 1998. The train is the IATLC. Amtrak No. 21 has just departed the same location. Photo by Chuck Harris.

Amtrak Eng 51 and a sister bring train No. 21 into the Longview station in November, 1998. Three trains from the Palestine Sub are waiting between Longview and Kilgore to go eastbound as soon as No. 21 and the IATLC leave town. Photo by Chuck Harris.

Former Cotton Belt telegrapher and train dispatcher Bo Irons sends Morse at the restored Pittsburg, TX, depot museum. From left to right are all-cap typewriter, resonator box with sounder and the ever-present tobacco can, scissors dispatcher's phone, phone test panel and ringer selector, five mainline sounders and a relay. A plug pushed into the jack to the left of the Hamilton 992-B watch has activated wire No. 6. the pencil lays on the OS book; a train order pad contains an order - the clearance card is not far away, and part of the train order semaphore is visible at the bottom of the picture. A six-wire pegboard is out of the picture above the telegrapher. The watch chain had to be looped over the top of the watch to prevent it from swinging. Otherwise, a swinging watch would lose time. Photo by Chuck Harris.

Pittsburg Mayor David Abernathy reads a proclamation declaring the day to be Samuel Morse Day in Pittsburg, TX, April 30, 1994. Telegraphers from many railroads are present. Also included are a communications repairman, and a lineman. Two are in the 90s, and still telegraph. The two ladies seated in front are Mrs. Maxwell, widow of SSW dispatcher Fred Maxwell, and Mrs. Davis, widow of SSW dispatcher Cleo Davis. Also present are two former Vice-Presidents, Bill Lacy of SSW-SP, and Joe Webb of KCS. At right, with cap, in first row is Joe Heath, retired SSW tamper operator who once single-handedly moved a track car off the track to avoid being hit by a fast-moving 4-8-4 pulling the BSM through Pittsburg in 1949.

Samuel Morse Day in Pittsburg, TX, April, 1993. Former SSW chief dispatcher James Dafft "talks" with a retired Western Union telegrapher in Yuma, Arizona, via a phone modem hookup. Former SSW telegrapher T. K. O'neal (left) and SP telegrapher Neal Jones look on.

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